Malini Saba, A Fine Role Model

Being an ambitious woman myself, I could thoroughly relate to Malini Saba. I identified with her optimistic attitude of unseen potential even in a company that was perhaps floundering. She refuses to believe that no problem that does not have a solution. Her optimism is backed up by her willingness to work long hours or do what ever she has to do to accomplish the goal of setting the business on the right track towards success. Granted she has had some downfalls but in her long-time career, she has had only one failure (in her words)that she had to struggle to overcome because she was working with a business in a country riddled with corrupt politics and false promises that proved to be scams. However, she did not let this deter her from achieving her goal of ironing out the company’s problems and setting it on a course to greatly improving its potential. It was costly in legal fees and courts that were inclined to disagree with her, but in the long run, her determination ultimately won out and she turned her failure into a success.

Saba, herself, is an amazing person because she has refused to be put off in a more masculine based business world. She wanted to be a force to be reckoned with, and she is. Her career has taken her all over the world. She is a native Australian as she was born in the city of Perth in Western Australia but she moved to anywhere the chance of being a successful business person could grow. Her first big move was to San Francisco since in the 1990’s; the Silicone Valley was the place for business growth and success. As the Millennium advanced, she sought other areas that had the same promise of supporting strong advancement. These moves added, even more, knowledge and experience to her solid work ethics and business savvy.

When she became a mother of a daughter, Malini returned to her native country to raise her child in the same culture and values she had grown up in. This action did not slow down her desire to succeed. She is a role model for other women or anyone who wants to succeed in a career that they can enjoy and be satisfied with giving their best.